Best Essential Oils for Cough

essential oils for cough

Best Essential Oils for Cough

One of the best uses of organic therapeutic grade essential oils is in respiratory system challenges like coughs from colds, sinus problems and sore throats. Using the right essential oil blends or individual oils can help you prevent and get lasting relief from dry cough due to itchy, scratchy and sore throats better than anything else. It can also help expel excess mucus if you have a wet cough. You discover the very Best Essential Oils for Cough and how to apply them to get fast relief from your sore throat.


Organic Essential oils work so well because they are highly purified natural plant extracts that are super condensed into small drops that carry the full healing power of the whole plant. Specific individual essential oils and harmonious essential oil blends have amazing cough suppressing abilities, help relieve sinusitis and respiratory conditions. I use them before I go out to an area with lots of people where there can be a lot of smoking or before visiting a person in a hospital or on a cruise where you are around people from all over the world.


what causes a cough


What Are The Causes of Coughing?

What are the causes of coughing? Coughing is frequently due to allergies from food or exposure to environmental toxins like strong chemicals, perfumes, smoke and other airborne particles, as well as bacterial or viral infections. If you also have an infection it can also cause cold symptoms and a headache, fever and other body aches. These can be from an airborne virus or bacterial like streptococcus (streph.)


The most common cause of coughing is from post nasal drip due to sinusitis. The second is from asthma and allergies. It can also be from GERD, Bronchitis, Emphysema, COPD or a bacterial infection like strep bacteria. Both are contagious and easily transmitted. Using organic therapeutic grade essentials oils can make you practically immune to being a host for these infections.


Stop Chronic Cough


How to Stop Coughing Fits

How to Stop Coughing Fits. When you have a cough (dry cough or wet cough) you just want to cough to get relief and then have it stop. Wet coughs are usually productive, meaning they can clear excess phlegm and mucus from your throat so you won't choke on a mucus plug. Dry coughs are from irritation and exposure to allergens, smoke, vape, perfumes and environmental chemicals. Both types of coughs can be from infections or respiratory issues. Always have some organic essential oils on hand so you can prevent throat irritation and infection and quickly nip it in the bud.


Use organic essential oils soothe your respiratory passageways, and follow up with a tea made with slippery elm bark, and grade B honey (yes, grade B is better because it is unprocessed, where Grade A is actually processed and much less effective.) Organic pineapple juice is also very helpful to coat your throat and wash away excess phlegm. Essential oils can help your body shut down an infection, boost your immune system, and stop your chronic coughing fast.


You can mix essential oils into your chest and throat by mixing them into a base oil like virgin olive oil or coconut oil and rub it directly into your throat. Diffusing and inhaling the aroma can also be very helpful. Getting a good Hepa Air Purifier can stop pollutants from causing coughing fits and respiratory infections.


Best Essential Oils for Cough


Essential Oils Good for Cough

What are the best Essential Oils Good for Cough? Make sure you are using therapeutic grade and organic essential oil blends because essential oils are highly concentrated and if made with pesticides (like most popular brands of essential oils) they can concentrate the pesticide and make you sicker instead of better. All the essential oils on this blog are made with wildcrafted, non-GMO, organic and pesticide free. Here are the best essential oils for cough and congestion that you can use individually or ideally in a blend as these oils complement each other an make them work much better than even alone:

You can get these essential oils for chronic cough relief individually here. You can also get them in a harmonious blend like the Relief Respiratory Blend that helps you prevent and get rid of cough and cold symptoms by removing the cause (infection) and soothe your throat and chest so you not only heal faster but feel better asap.

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