Essential Oil for Gray Hair

essential oils for grey hair

Essential Oil for Gray Hair

Who wants to look “old and gray?” Some people can do it gracefully, while on others it just looks like we've given up on life. I really feel that it's a blessing to just have my own natural hair at my age! A friend told me about how using natural Essential Oil for Gray Hair could help me keep my natural hair color, and even keep it from falling out prematurely, so I tried it. It actually worked like nothing else I've ever tried. So now, I use them for a lot of things I had no idea they could help me with, in health and beauty.

I am amazed at how much essential oils have changed my life for the better, particularly organic essential oils for mental, physical and emotional wellness. I do use the Essential Oil for Hair Growth and that has helped my thinning hair quite a bit. I just had to reverse some of the gray and that has been surprisingly just as easy using natural Essential Oil for Grey Hair!


does stress cause grey hair


Does Stress Cause Gray Hair

Does Stress Cause Gray Hair? Stress not only is a leading cause of premature hair greying, it is a primary cause in most chronic illnesses. Stress, particularly unrelieved stress causes hormonal imbalance and a rise in the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These are the hormones that cause anxiety (fight or flight syndrome) and premature aging. They also turn off your body's growth hormone cycle and cause muscle wasting and bone loss. It also lowers your immune system so you get sicker quicker and it lasts longer. If you have chronic stress you need to take care of that first. See: Adaptogenic Herbs.


Using Adaptogenic herbs can help prevent this and keep your hair from turning gray because of stress. I use the Adaptogenic herbs along with herbs that stop excess catalase breakdown (what causes graying hair from the roots.) I have tried the most popular natural vitamin supplements like the Biotin supplement, and although they do help strengthen my hair and prevent fallout, my hair was still turning gray faster than I wanted it to.


I decided that since the essential oil for thinning hair worked so well for me, I might as well try the essential oils for gray hair to reverse gray hair naturally. I don't want to use “paints” and artificial colorings (just for men, hair dyes, etc.) that go away and you look older than before.


reverse grey hair naturally


How to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

I wanted to find a natural solution that would do the job, and I found it! People started inuring what I was doing because I just seem to be looking younger!  If you were seriously looking at How to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally, you've just found the best natural way to do it, and it works like gangbusters! I've tried lot of natural methods to restore my natural color and all left a lot to be desired.


I finally discovered two things that actually reverse your gray hair and restore your natural color gradually and naturally! Essential Oils for Gray Hair and Herbs for Gray HairEssential Oil for Gray Hair and Catalase based hair nutrients are what is needed to restore your natural color from the inside out. I finally discovered a “system” that is sure fire and now I have 90% of my natural color back after 3 months, and it happened so naturally most people didn't even notice I was doing it till afterwards.


The good thing about using this essential oil for gray hair is that they actually work and smell great too. I had about a 40-50% reduction of gray hair after using my first bottle daily. I also do take a natural nutritional supplement called Foligray as it does help a little, and together they are getting it done for me.


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Gray Hair Vitamins

There are really good herbs, minerals and Gray Hair Vitamins that work from the inside out. You can use it by itself, although I am using the thinning hair formula as well. I use the essential oil for gray hair formula first thing in the morning (and use the thinning formula in the afternoon as it's lighter), in place of my normal hair gel, and it stopped the dandruff I used to have with my expensive hair gel. All you have to do is take a small amount in your hand and gently massage it into your scalp in the areas where you want to reverse the gray hair.


If you can bend over and let the circulation go to your head for a minute or two, so it can get into your hair follicles and reduce the sub-dermal hydrogen peroxide that turns your hair gray and reduce DHT that causes premature graying. Massage it into your hair follicles so it can stop the hydroxy production that causes your hair to turn gray to white.


Then leave the essential oil for gray hair in your hair for 15-20 minutes, or longer for faster results. I leave mine in all day until I take a shower and wash my hair. It has worked really quick for me, and I recommend doing it that way if you can. You will be absolutely amazed at the results as you see how much better you can look and feel. 


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Essential Oils for Grey Hair

Essential Oils for Grey Hair. These essential oils work so well they're referred to as the Gray Hair Cure. You can also take these herbs as supplements but they seem to work the best in an essential oil for gray hair formula that you massage directly into your scalp where the gray hair roots are. Here are the best essential oils for gray hair that prevent and reverse grey hair naturally:

  • Amla Fruit Essential Oil
  • Black Cumin Seed Essential Oil
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil
  • Parsley Seed Essential Oil
  • Vitamin E

For quick noticeable results use these natural essential oils combined. You should notice results within the first few uses.


I recommend taking a catalase booster that helps your liver detox excess hydrogen peroxide like the Foligray (shown above) that works from the inside out. It has Natural Catalase and Picrorhiza Kurroa Root Powder that act as an anti-aging supplement that can reverse your gray hair. It doesn't work as fast as the Maintain Essential Oil for Gray Hair Formula Below (essential oil for gray hair reversal,) but they work well together to restore your natural hair color quickly.


essential oil for gray hair


Best Essential Oil for Gray Hair Formula

You use the best essential oil for gray hair formula daily to reverse graying hair naturally. It is called the Maintain essential oil for gray hair. Not only do they work well in restoring your natural hair color, but they even smell great and can be used in place of your normal hair conditioning products like conditioner, gel and hair sprays. 


Here are some of the benefits of using the essential oil blend in Regrowth Hair Oils:

  • Clinically Shown to Reverse Gray Hair Quickly
  • Naturally Strengthens Your Hair
  • Stimulates Hair Follicles to Active Growth Phase
  • Provides Nutrients for Hair Follicles
  • Stops Itchy Scalp
  • Prevents Dandruff and Dry Scalp
  • Natural External Hair and Scalp Massage Oil
  • Six to Eight Week Supply in One Bottle

You will be absolutely amazed at how well it restores your natural hair color in a way that looks totally natural. It is gradual but quick. It took me a week for noticeable results. After using two bottles of the essential oil for gray hair my hair is about 50% less gray and my hair looks healthy and alive! 

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