Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy Essential Oil

This is probably the best organic essential oil you've never heard of. Blue Tansy Essential Oil is an absolute powerhouse of an oil and does some things that other natural herbs and oils just can't do. It it well known by those that deal with emotional issues like anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It is a nervous system balancer, which is why it works so well in restoring emotional and mental balance during times of peak stress. It is also a “go to” essential oil for infected wounds of all kinds. It has a magical type healing property when it comes to healing skin conditions. It is a natural anti inflammatory which probably explains why it works so well for arthritis pain relief and headaches. 


Blue Tansy Oil can be used for respiratory health (which is real important now) as it cleans and disinfects the bronchial tubes and lungs. That's why it is recommended for severe asthma, allergies and natural bronchitis relief. It is naturally antimicrobial, so that is probably why it heals infections so quickly, where only one other oil I know of does. It should be in your “incurables” holistic medicine chest. It balances your hormones and is lethal to insects. Keep some handy as you can use it for many important concerns in your life!


Benefits of Blue Tansy Oil


Benefits of Blue Tansy Essential Oil

What are the Benefits of Blue Tansy Essentail Oil? Blue Tansy Oil is one of the best essential oils for anxiety, stress, panic and depression relief. It soothes your nervous system to calm your mind and nerves so you don't overreact with nervousness to potential stressful situations. It also balances your hormones so you just feel right. Here are the main benefits of this wonderful organic blue tansy essential oil:

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief (Instant Calm)
  • Depression Relief (Raises your Vibration and Elevates your Mood)
  • Wound Healing (Stops infections and helps you heal faster)
  • Skin Health (Skin Rejuvenator, Cut, Scrape, Injury, Burn and Sunburn Healing)
  • Respiratory System Protection (Respiratory system cleanser and protector)
  • Hormone Balancing (Balances your Hormone Levels so You feel Fine)
  • Antimicrobial (Potent AntiFungal, Antiviral, natural antibiotic)
  • Insect Repellant (Insects are appaled by it, so are microbes)
  • Arthritis Relief (Stops Joint Infections and Inflammation)
  • Muscle Pain Relief (Relieves Muscle Pain and Inflammation)
  • Asthma Relief (Helps clear your broncial tubes and lungs)
  • Allergy Relief (Lessens Histamine Response to Allergens)
  • Digestive Disorders (Soothing to your Stomach and Breaks Up Blockages)
  • Headache Relief (Sinus or Tension Headaches)
  • Powerful Antioxidant (Helps extend your cell life expectancy, Anti-Aging)

Organic Blue Tansy essential oil is one of the best overall essential oils you should have at your disposal at all times. It can keep you healthy when life looks and feels uncertain.


Essential Oil for Anxiety


Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil. Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil (pictured above) is also a top of the line essential oil for skin healing from infections, burns, cuts, scrapes, insect bites and even sunburn. It curbs pain and stops inflammation. It is highly anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and that's why it is so good (as you can see from the reviews) for wound healing, where nothing else works. It is also wonderful for allergy relief. It's main usage is for stress relief from feelings of anxiety, depression, panic and even chronic phobias. The close second is skin rejuvenation. It is a major healing essential oil and helps with the main causes of illness: Infection and Chronic Inflammation. That's where the pain relief comes in.


Blue Tansy is naturally soothing to your mind, body and spirit. I use it on my pillow for those nights where I want to make sure I drift off to sleep because I need to wake up refreshed and want my mind to relax fully so my body can follow. Helichrysum Italicum and Blue Tansy are the most powerful essential oils that I've ever tried. They heal wounds that were'nt healing with anything else! They can help you prevent scars allow infected skin wounds to heal when nothing else would, and that's why they are indespinsable for me! It usually works like a charm.


Like Helilchrysum Italicum, Blue Tansy is one of the more costly essential oils, however. Not over the top cost prohibitive but more so than most inexpensive oils. The good thing is that it is still 2 to 3 times more economical than Young Living Oils or Doterra! And higher quallity too! If you love Blue Tansy but would like to see an economical Blue Tansy Essential Oil Substitute, then just read on below, because you have a couple great options.


Blue Tansy Oil Substitute


Substitute for Blue Tansy Essential Oil

If you're looking for a Substitute for Blue Tansy Essential Oil for economic reasons, then you can either get an oil blend that has Blue Tansy and is mixed with other harmonious oils. The Blue Tansy Blend (pictured above,) has blue tansy essential oils with other more economical oils added to it. So you getmain healing properties of it with a natural blend of complementary oils. Two other oils you can use are Kashmir Lavender and Frankincense are two other oils that can be used for milder cases of anxiety relief. Lavender is one of the best smelling oils that can be used to calm your mind at any time.


I do have a new favorite that uses Organic Essential Oils with Organic CBD Oils. I have just tried it (and the sleep formula) and they work through different but harmoniious pathways in your body to bring true calm, healing and balance to your life. It's called Canviva Calm and it gives you just that! It has the organic essential oils of Bergamot and Ylang Ylang, with pure organic CBD Oil. It satisfies all the receptors in your brain and nervous system for complete but not spaced out calm. Try it for yourself and you will be amazed at the results!


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