Essential Oils for Immunity

essential oils for immune system

Essential Oils for Immunity

Essential Oils for Immunity can help you prevent being infected with airborne contaminants in your home, office or living space. It can help speed your recovery if you catch something while out too. It can ease the symptoms of cold, flu or respiratory infection and speed your recovery time exponentially (by many times.) Jade Bloom has an excellent natural immunity protection kit for that. It starts with the Defend Organic Essential Oil blend. It contains the very best Essential Oils for Immunity Boost you can get in one easy to use oil.


Also included is the best hand sanitizer made not with harsh chemicals but natural essential oils that protect you from carrying or spreading any infection you come in contact with. The buck (or microbial attack) stops there! And it is completed with the most potent oil for immunity boosting, black cumin seed oil. It has been used since ancient times to rid your body of infectious organisms while leaving the healthy ones to do their job. It was said to “cure everything but death.” And I personally think they were on the right track with that saying. Use the best essential oils for immunity and be prepared for anything.


essential oils immunity blend


Defend Essential Oil Blend
What is the Defend Essential Oil Blend? Defend Immunity Blend (pictured above) is formulated with the best organic essential oils know to be antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial. It can help prevent and relieve respiratory cold flu symptoms quickly. It can be combined with carrier oils, taken externally with carrier oils on a cut, scrape, rash or other area of concern. It can also be used aromatically in a diffuser to clean your whole living space.


Use it preventatively in case something is going around and you want you and your family to remain healthy, no matter what. When the kids come home with the sniffles, or you think you may have an allergy, this helps protect you from having an overactive immune response or histamine response. It keep you healthy and breathing without difficulty. It smells great and purifies your air naturally!



Beta 1 3 D Glucan
What is Beta 1 3 D Glucan? Beta glucan supplements are extracted from natural brewers yeast and its main use is to strengthen even the weakest of immune systems in people of all ages, without triggering an autoimmune response from your body. B85 Glucan Immunity Capsules (pictured above) are a highly active form of Beta 1-3, D Glucan that works by planting a “keyhole” in the outer layer of your neutrophil's (immune cell) membrane. This allows your immune system to instantly recognize viruses, bacteria and cancer cells (that cloak themselves so your immune system normally doesn't see them) so they can deactivate (called cell aptosis or cell death) them safely and quickly without causing harm to any normal cell.


This is a type of mushroom extract and it is highly effective against even lethal types of viruses, bacteria and cancers. It is what Dr. Dave Stamets (leading holistic mushroom researcher) used to get to help his wife get rid of her breast cancer without chemo or radiation. I personally use it with natural zeolites which do a similar thing using a natural crystal mineral that is highly alkaline and lethal to cancer cells and viruses. It also detoxes radiation and chemicals (like what you'd get from a medical treatment of cancer.) You can see it here: Zeolite Cancer Natural Antibiotics.


Benefits of Black Seed Oil


Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits
I'm sure you've heard of the “miracle” black seed oil. What is black seed oil and what are the uses of it. Virgin Black Seed Oil (pictured above) comes from the Nigella Sativa plant and the extract is from the seeds (black cumin seeds.) Make sure you are getting this variety (virgin cold pressed from the nigella sativa l. plant) as it is the one with the huge amount of natural healing benefits. Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits There so many uses for this amazing essential oil that just the top helichrysum oil benefits are listed here:

  • Natural Antiseptic (Prevents infections from Fungal, Viral and Bacterial exposure)
  • Pain Relief (Natural Anti-inflammatory Good for Headache, Migraine, Joint & Muscle Pain Relief)
  • Arthritis Relief (Joint pain, inflammation relief, and healing)
  • Cancer Relief (Powerful anti-cancer and tumor reducer)
  • Immunity Booster (Improves your natural immunity)
  • Cold and Flu Relief (Eases the symptoms of viral infections)
  • Herpes, Hepatitis C and HIV (Natural anti-viral with potent immune balancing effect)
  • Asthma Relief (Restores healthy bronchial function)
  • Liver Health (Helps Detox and Regenerate your Liver)
  • Skin Rejuvenation (Anti-Aging skin cell rejuvenator, Reduces Wrinkles, Crows Feet, Dark Circles, Hydrates Skin)
  • Diabetes (Improves insulin resistance greatly)
  • Heart Health Booster (Lowers Blood Pressure and risk of Heart Attack)
  • Nervous System Stabilizer (Brings your Nervous System into proper balance)
  • Improves Digestion (Alkalizes and helps Acid Reflux, Bloating and Indigestion)
  • Constipation and IBS Relief (Very healing to your colon and intestines)

It is one of the best essential oils for immunity and has natural antimicrobial, antiseptic, immunity boosting and skin rejuvenating properties. It is a well know cancer preventative and holistic treatment herbal remedy that is proven time and time again. For the best natural herbal remedies for immunity boosting see: Immune System. Boosting Herbs.


hand sanitizer with essential oils


Essential Oils Hand Sanitizer

If you want an antibiotic free, chemical free hand sanitizer that works, then you need the Essential Oils Hand Sanitizer(pictured above). This natural hand sanitizer with essential oils comes in 3 scents and is more powerful than the chemical based ones, and doesn't harm your immune system. It instead helps your immune system and builds your immunity. All things that you put on your skin are absorbed into your skin. Only put food grade oils, creams and lotions on your skin!


People who are normally health conscious often forget about this and get sick when they shouldn't. I even recommend getting a good shower filter that gets the chlorine out because chlorine gets absorbed into your skin and whacks out your immune system, and causes allergies, asthma and skin conditions. For a simple yet effective way to not absorb chemicals like this in your shower visit: Berkey Shower Filter Review.


essential oils for immunity


Essential Oils for Immunity Boost

Essential Oils for Immunity Boost and Protection. The best way to protect yourself against carrying, spreading or airborne infection is to use the Best Essential Oils for Immunity Kit (pictured above.) It has all the recommended ways to protect yourself and your family from the microbes and pathogens that you can't see but know can be there.  It is a natural way to have that peace of mind and body by using natural herbal and essential oils that are powerful and proven to keep you protected against whatever is going around or when someone coughs or sneezes and doesn't completely close their mouth.


You won't have to panic, just keep your protection in place and rest assured that all is well in your home, office or living space. I like being prepared and avoiding the panic of those that are not ready and get themselves into serious conditions. An ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure! Click on the above link to see the complete benefits of the best essential oils for immunity and the Natural Immunity Boosting Kit!

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