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Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy Essential Oil This is probably the best organic essential oil you've never heard of. Blue Tansy Essential Oil is an absolute powerhouse of an oil and does some things that other natural herbs and oils just can't do. It it well known by those that deal with emotional issues like anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It is a nervous system balancer, which is why it works so well in restoring emotional and mental balance during times of peak stress. It is also a “go to” essential oil for infected wounds of all kinds. It has a magical type healing property when it comes to healing skin conditions. It is a natural anti inflammatory which probably explains why it works so well for arthritis pain relief and headaches.    Blue Tansy Oil can be used for respiratory health (which is real important now) as it cleans and disinfects the bronchial tubes and lungs. That's why it is recommended for severe asthma, allergies and natural bronchitis relief. It is naturally antimicrobial, so that is probably why it heals infections so quickly, where only one other oil I know of does. It should be in your “incurables” holistic medicine chest. It balances your hormones and is lethal to insects. Keep some handy as you can use it for many important concerns in your life!     Benefits of Blue Tansy Essential Oil What are the Benefits of Blue Tansy Essentail Oil? Blue Tansy Oil is one of the best essential oils …

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Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety Essential oils work on the emotional and psychological levels first and foremost. That's why they shine the brightest for conditions like Anxiety, Depression, Stress Relief, Nervous Issues and Chronic Phobias. Using the right essentail oil for anxiety can help prevent the feelings of panic (and panic attacks) and leave you feeling calm and balanced, even in the eye of the strom. Discover the very Best Essential Oils for Anxiety and how to apply them to get fast relief from your symptoms of anxiety or panic. There is a specific essential oil for anxiety that works better than any other. And then there are alternatives you can use if you'd like an even more economical anxiety essential oils.   I personally like all of the three recommended essential oils for anxiety relief because they all work really well. There is a special blend that works well that has a lot of harmonious essential oils that help your brain and nervous system just unwind and relax so you don't have to feel panic from stressful situations or thoughts. The best organic essential oils for anxiety I recommend are Blue Tansy and Kasmir Lavender. After that you can use Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and organic CBD oils (best when combined with organic essential oils) for more severe anxiety or to prevent seizures or panic attacks. Great for depression relief too!     Blue Tansy Essential Oil Blue Tansy Essentail Oil is the best essential oil for anxiety and …

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